Bonjour from 53 rue de l’Abbé Groult

Well, it’s been a week, I would say for the most part I’ve gotten the hang of it.

Wake up, café, explore, class, café/people watch, a little bit more exploring, meet up with roommates, head back to the apartment, have some wine, go to sleep, do it all over again. This pretty much sums up my now, Mondays through Thursdays.

Bonjour, Merci, je vous dre (I would like) and a few others, I would say I’m almost a pro. I’ve spent a lot of much needed time with myself as well as doing some exploring.

In the neighborhood

In the neighborhood


View on the Seine


Merci (Absolute  must go)


Le Comptoir Général







Le Comptoir Général

Le Comptoir General

Le Comptoir General

Canal St. Martin

Canal St. Martin


I can die happy. The beginning of Café in Paris.

 Currently: enjoying Iced Cappucino

I am beginning my running list of cafés in Paris, WITH ice (glacé)
Coutume Café

47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 (7arr)


Days 1-3?

Well, I am officially settled in the 15th arrondissement.

The apartment is far better off than expected, except of course for the smells that come from the fridge and the shower that currently has no heat, but that’s okay because we currently are experiencing a heat wave (temp. in 100’s)! Besides that, everything is fabulous, including my roommates (Emma and Katie)!

First day of class was today, which was followed by a walk to Ecole Militaire where I sat at an outdoor cafe, Le Tourville, and ordered a cafe glace (iced coffee, which is almost unheard of in Paris, lord help me) and sat out and just watched the Parisians go.

Pre First Day of Paris

So…it’s officially starting to hit me. As I have been in 23E for the past hour. I am on my way to the “city of love”, the chic city of Paris. I seriously cannot believe this is happening. I think this is the first time I am going away all on my own and I feel like an independent bitch. A new place, new country, and I will be far far away from…everything.
Let’s be honest, the past year hasn’t been…the smoothest? the easiest? the best? all the above. This trip is for me. To reflect on myself. Move on from the past and focus on myself and the future.
These last few months have taught me so much about myself, the relationships I have (don’t have) with family, friends, food and most importantly myself.
Paris, I’m ready for you. And for the duration of this flight…The Devil Wears Prada and who knows what else.

7 Ways to Keep Up Your Fitness Routine Without Going Broke

Fierce Olympian Proves Nothing Can Stop Her

“I screw a lot of stuff up now…Before, I wanted to be perfect, but now it kind of gives the sense of exactly what’s going on to the world. They can watch me struggle and watch when I kick some ass. A lot of things have changed since this accident. I’m not nearly as self-conscious as I was.”

Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen was partially paralyzed in a terrible ATV accident this summer, but soon after the accident she went on the Today Show and vowed she would walk again.

In mid-August, with the help of a walker and what appears to a bionic device that aids her legs, she did just that.

Hearing a story like  Amy Van Dyken’s, should make us all step back and realize how lucky we really are and how nothing should keep us from getting back up and doing what we love.

Even though it’s Friday we celebrated #WalkingWednesday #gettingstronger #amysarmy

A video posted by Amy Van Dyken (@amyvandyken) on Apr 3, 2015 at 11:29am PDT

Read all about Amy’s road to recovery here.

“I hope you die. You F*@king C*#T”

tumblr_nmr611QlaO1sp9547o1_500Isn’t it funny who the (ex)girlfriends decide to take their classy anger out on? I woke up this morning to the following:
U fucking whore
Talk to him ever again and u won’t be dealing with just me
Go to hell u fucking cunt I’m watching u…
These are just a few of the Facebook messages I received.

Back story:

A couple days ago, minding my own business, I was approached at a Starbucks by a boy, I know what you’re thinking, no one ever meets anyone in a fucking Starbucks. Well…stick to that theory.
I later learned we had some mutual friends, he was from a neighboring town, oh and he was there messaging his “crazy ex-girlfriend” (should have been a red flag there, no?). We talked a little bit, he asked me for my number and my Facebook (isn’t that weird, that’s a thing now?)
We left it at: “we should hang out sometime”, I didn’t think I would ever see him again…

Fast forward a couple days later…

We decide we’ll meet up and hang out for a bit. I made it extremely clear,

I do NOT get involved with boys with girlfriends.

He made it extremely clear,

I do not have a girlfriend, but “my crazy ex” does still text me.

Now, I learned this break-up occurred two-weeks ago, not ideal I suppose. BUT…we were out and I’m a smart girl, wasn’t going to do anything stupid.

A few hours later…

He invited me back to a friend’s house, this is when I decided maybe it was time for me to go, I am 100% a drama-free girl, another thing I made quite clear to this boy who seemed to have some drama following him. He asked me to stay…

stick with your first instinct always…

As my night ended with a legit crazy bitch throwing herself at me, pouring a Heineken over my head, and attempting to punch me across the side of my head. Luckily, I was able to keep my composure, laugh at how pathetic this girl was and get myself the fuck out of there.

It took only the 15 minute drive home…

For my phone to start blowing up with threats and put downs. She was getting the hint that I wasn’t responding, so after blocking her, she somehow found my on Instagram (don’t we love social media, I swear its screwing us all) and commented on pictures from up to a year ago, with disgusting remarks and threats, yet again.
Honestly, I feel a little sorry for this girl. But the saddest part is, she’ll probably end up with this guy. These girls are taking their shit out on THE WRONG PEOPLE. Instead of obsessing over me and my shit, focus on you and your “boyfriend”.

JUNE 12 Season 3 Premiere

Woke up this morning to watch this amazing Season 3 Trailer…only to make me want to turn on Netflix and re-watch Seasons 1&2. I can’t wait for this ridiculously amazing series to come back…do I really have to wait two more months?!

Who else is excited about the return of the Litchfield ladies? If you have yet to start the OITNB series…you must start! Some say they turned it off after the first episode…GIVE IT A CHANCE!

▶ Orange Is The New Black – Season 3 – #SorryNOTSorry

Don't stress the could haves.If it

I just came upon this quote and I fell in love with it. It’s the story of my life…we have to remember not to constantly be thinking of the “what-ifs” and the “what could-have-beens”. We have to live in the now and take life as it comes to us! I truly believe everything happens for a reason, what that reason is we may not know and we may never know. We need to start to trust. Well, I need to start to trust, I need to learn how to trust again.

Are you guilty of thinking what-if?

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!

Charoset Recipe for Passover! (With Carmellized Nuts)

As long as I can remember my “job” for Passover, has been making the Charoset…and I am damn good at it! I have switched up my recipe here and there over the years…but for the most part it has always included apples, cinnamon, nuts of some sort, sugar, Manischewitz and this year rasins! A chopper will also come in handy…unless you want to use a knife and manually chop like I was forced to do this year!
All you need:
  • 4-6 Apples ( I prefer Honeycrisp)
  • 1-12oz. bag of nuts (Walnuts for me!)
  • Dark Brown Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Raisins

and it obviously wouldn’t be Passover without…

  • Manischewitz Red Wine!!

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